Reviews from our customers

I am incredibly happy to have PayPLUS on my side! Since we switched to PayPLUS from ADP everything has gone smoother – taxes are handled, our reports are perfectly tailored for our needs and easy to read, and the customer service is off the charts phenomenal. They have truly gone out of their way to fix the mistakes I’ve made when submitting payroll. When asked, I’ve told multiple people that they simply have the best customer service of any company I have ever dealt with, period.

Steve Levin - Franchise Owner

We have been a client of PayPLUS since October 2011. When working with PayPLUS it’s as if they are here with us in our office. If we have questions or need anything they are always available to help. The entire staff is knowledgeable, helpful and very attentive to our needs. The response time of the PayPLUS team is extremely quick and efficient. I highly recommend the services of PayPLUS!

Dana Goodman - Franchise Owner

PayPLUS has been proactive and responsive. One example is Jennifer Russell continues to update me throughout the year as it relates to an additional FUTA tax we have been paying in California. Talk about being proactive, Jennifer reached out to me a couple of years ago and presented me with an idea that helped with my cash flow. The IRS also had a difficult time understanding our employer tax filings for the last couple of years and Jennifer was again instrumental in corresponding with the IRS and additional documentation saving me hours of work I am confident. Thanks Jennifer R you are the BEST.

Michelle Rogers - Franchise Owner

The staff at PayPLUS are personal, knowledgeable, and willing to go the extra mile when help is needed. They are never too busy to answer questions and address payroll challenges. PayPLUS is like an unseen member of our office staff. I would recommend them to any Home Instead Senior Care office without hesitation.

Daniel Hedgepeth - Franchise Owner

It has been more than 4 years since I moved my payroll responsibilities to PayPLUS, and I have not regretted this move for one -second. What I admire most about PayPLUS is their personalized service. I am not a “code” as I previously was with another large payroll company, but rather, I am on a first name basis with their staff, and they all get it. They know about customer service and professionalism, have the knowledge at their fingertips, and they are my other set of eyes when it comes to payroll, paying taxes, working with ACA, benefits I offer, and if I need it, help with Quickbooks. Wouldn’t it be a great business world if all companies were as accommodating!

Nancy Oppenheimer-Marks - Franchise Owner

Every single payroll period, I am grateful for the responsive customer service and high level of expertise provided to us by PayPLUS. Signing with PayPLUS was one of the best and most stress-reducing decisions we’ve ever made.

Charlene Perrone - Franchise Owner

We’re finishing our 4th full year with PayPLUS. The entire experience is a model of people working together for a common purpose. The customer service and attention to detail is unsurpassed. I feel like my payroll specialist is part of my business. PayPLUS exceeds my expectations every time and I am never disappointed.

JD Bobbitt - Franchise Owner

I have been completely satisfied with the payroll service provided by PayPLUS for several years now. The staff has been extremely professional, knowledgeable and helpful any time I call and need assistance. Hats off to all the employees!

Dan Fry - Franchise Owner

I reluctantly allowed PayPLUS to take over my payroll more than a year ago. I can’t believe I waited this long. The help I receive from Abigail and the entire staff at PayPLUS is personal, timely, and effective. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Stephen Lair - Franchise Owner

I often wished that Home Instead franchise owners had access to our own payroll company. Dreams do come true!!! As a franchise owner our responsibilities are immense. Having PayPLUS as our payroll company has been a Godsend to me. They are responsive, caring and dedicated to our success as business owners. They are quick to help, connect me with the key person that can assist me, and always make me feel like I'm their sole client. Since 2008, I've worked with 3 payroll companies and PayPLUS surpasses them all! I respect them as business colleagues and am always confident they are working diligently on my behalf. I wish them continued success!

Tracy Fazzolari - Franchise Owner

PayPLUS has been my payroll provider for 8 years and I’ve been extremely pleased with them. They are extremely accurate and I can always expect a quick reply or turnaround in processing payroll, request for reports or any other information. PayPLUS has been my best vendor relationship in my 13 years of business and I would highly recommend them for payroll, tax and ACA recording services.

Steve Boos - Franchise Owner

PayPLUS is one of the easiest, most seamless business partners we have! Their response time is great, and I never feel like I am inconveniencing them with any of my questions or requests. Their fees are reasonable, and Sara is one of the most pleasant, customer service oriented employees I have ever run across in any industry! The time, and hassle they save me, coupled with their great product, makes PayPLUS one of our most valued partners.

Dave Krueger - Franchise Owner

One of the best business decisions I’ve made was to go with PayPLUS for my payroll needs. Their staff is knowledgeable, efficient, and EXTREMELY kind and patient! Once I send my payroll information to be processed, I can rest assured that it will be done quickly and accurately.

Lisa Rabito - Franchise Owner

PayPLUS is an excellent business partner for our company. Their team is professional and responsive to our needs. There are many options out there for payroll processing and payroll tax filing, but what’s most important to me are the value-added benefits that PayPLUS offers, such as shift-level detail on paystubs and ACA reporting. I have no reason to look elsewhere for this important service.

Brent Beanblossom - Chief Financial Officer

PayPLUS is an integral part of my business and its success. Every one of their team members are professional, courteous, responsive and dependable. It is a pleasure to work with them.

Travis W Trant - Owner and President

I’ve been with PayPLUS for 4 years and from beginning to present, they have been absolutely ah-mazing to work with! They consistently exceed my expectations, in every way. Their attention to detail and customer service are superior. Cannot recommend them highly enough!

Patty Mascari - President

Since making the switch from a large national provider of payroll services to PayPLUS, I've been very impressed with the customer service. Their professional staff is knowledgeable and responsive to the ever-changing needs of our business.

Eric G. Wiedemann, Psy.D. - Owner/Chief Operating Officer

PayPLUS is wonderful!! We use them for payroll services and their team has been a blessing. Sara and Julia are always so friendly and willing to help. If they are not able to answer a specific payroll question they always know who to ask on their team. If asked to describe my PayPLUS experience, I would have to say, "Accurate, Reliable, Timely, and Friendly". Thank you PayPLUS Payroll Team!

Greg Sanchez Ph.D. - Owner & Director

Deb is awesome! Just this morning she saved the day… again. Last cycle we had made an error with a client and when I attempted to add a credit to the invoice I actually added a debit. She remembered the situation from last cycle and kept an eye on it and alerted me. I was able to call the client and let them know I have sent a corrected invoice and that my bookkeeper caught my error before we pulled the ACH. Deb is always looking out for me like that.

Brian Huebner - Owner

All is good. We are in a transition without a GM, so your service is even more valuable. Dee is great, responsive, professional, resourceful! I may test her patience as this is not my forte’. The DOL audit has been a challenge and your team has certainly made it a lot easier. Thanks for the great service!

Bryson McQuiston - Owner