Reviews from our customers

It has been more than 4 years since I moved my payroll responsibilities to PayPLUS, and I have not regretted this move for one -second. What I admire most about PayPLUS is their personalized service. I am not a “code” as I previously was with another large payroll company, but rather, I am on a first name basis with their staff, and they all get it. They know about customer service and professionalism, have the knowledge at their fingertips, and they are my other set of eyes when it comes to payroll, paying taxes, working with ACA, benefits I offer, and if I need it, help with QuickBooks. Wouldn’t it be a great business world if all companies were as accommodating!

Nancy Oppenheimer-Marks - Franchise Owner

PayPLUS has been proactive and responsive. One example is Jennifer Russell continues to update me throughout the year as it relates to an additional FUTA tax we have been paying in California. Talk about being proactive, Jennifer reached out to me a couple of years ago and presented me with an idea that helped with my cash flow. The IRS also had a difficult time understanding our employer tax filings for the last couple of years and Jennifer was again instrumental in corresponding with the IRS and additional documentation saving me hours of work I am confident. Thanks Jennifer R you are the BEST.

Michelle Rogers - Franchise Owner

I am incredibly happy to have PayPLUS on my side! Since we switched to PayPLUS from ADP everything has gone smoother – taxes are handled, our reports are perfectly tailored for our needs and easy to read, and the customer service is off the charts phenomenal. They have truly gone out of their way to fix the mistakes I’ve made when submitting payroll. When asked, I’ve told multiple people that they simply have the best customer service of any company I have ever dealt with, period.

Steve Levin - Franchise Owner